Sending POS voucher codes from SwiftPOS

Sending POS voucher codes from SwiftPOS

This article contains information for customers who have an active SwiftPOS integration, and wish to send Point of Sale (POS) Vouchers which can be redeemed in-store at the POS.

Before You Start

This guide assumes you have activated and installed:
  1. A SwiftPOS Integration
  2. The Vouchers and Offers app

Getting Started

To send a SwiftPOS offer to your members, you must create a new offer, with some information from your POS.

Find Offers in SwiftPOS

You need to obtain some information from your SwiftPOS system before you can send vouchers to your members. 

SwiftPOS Voucher ID

Consult with your SwiftPOS system administrator on where to find this depending on your version of SwiftPOS. In the screenshot below, the offer name and ID is displayed in a SwiftPOS instance.
Screenshot of offers in a SwiftPOS console

SwiftPOS Voucher Prefix

Check with your SwiftPOS system administrator for any voucher prefixes you may need to use. Voucher prefixes are used by SwiftPOS to denote when a barcode should be scanned as a product or a discount.

Create a new offer

Once you have the information above, you can then use the Vouchers and Offers app.

To create an offer which will send barcodes to your SwiftPOS members, hover over the "Apps" link and select "Vouchers".
Then, click on the "+" button to add a new offer. 
  1. Provide a name and description of your offer. This is for internal purposes only to make it easier for you to understand the details of each offer.
  2. Where prompted for the External ID, enter "swiftpos_xx" replacing xx with the ID provided by SwiftPOS. 
    If your SwiftPOS Offer has an ID of 21, enter swiftpos_21 in this box
  3. Enter the barcode prefix as specified by your SwiftPOS administrator
Example offer being created
Click the create button to save your Offer. You do not need to upload any vouchers to our system, these will be generated when sending messages to your members.

Follow the instructions in Sending out personalised offers to customers to add your offer to your campaign for sending.

Important things to note

  1. Please ensure that you set the external ID with a prefix of "swiftpos_" to ensure your offer is recognised correctly.
  2. When inserting a SwiftPOS voucher to a campaign, only contacts who are SwiftPOS members are valid recipients for the campaign. Any recipients who are not members will be blocked from receiving the campaign.
  3. Test messages will not generate vouchers in the POS and may not scan at the POS. 

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