Sending out personalised offers to customers

Sending out personalised offers to customers

The platform provides you with the ability to send out personalised offers & vouchers to your users. Offers can be redeemed directly a point-of-sale, through your mobile app, on your website or any other redemption method available to you. Each user will receive a unique voucher (displayed as a barcode or plain text) that they can then redeem. 

How It Works

Once setup, you are able to create an unlimited number of different offers. Within each offer, you can then upload a spreadsheet of unique codes. 
When creating your email campaign, you can use the mail-merge functionality to add an offer code into your content. Alternatively, you can also use the Barcode block to display the offer as a scannable barcode. 

During the send out of the campaign, the platform will automatically assign each recipient a unique code from the list of uploaded costs. Once a cost has been assigned to a user, it won't be assigned to anyone else. 

Redemptions should be tracked via your own platform. For example, if you have a Shopify website, you can bulk create 5000 single use codes that provide 10% discount. These codes can then be uploaded as an offer and added to your email campaign. Every time your email campaign is sent out, each recipient will receive one of the 5000 codes uploaded and they can then use their single use code to redeem their discount on your website. 

Getting Started

In order to access the Vouchers And Offers application, your user profile role will need access to the Integrations functionality.
The "Vouchers and Offers" app will need to be installed on the account. This is a single installation that only needs to be performed once.
To install the app, follow these steps:
  1. Login to your account
  2. Click on the Apps link within the main navigation
  3. Filter the list by "Memberships & Loyalty"
  4. Hover over "Vouchers And Offers" and click on the "Learn More" button.
  5. Click "Install App".
Once the above steps have been completed, the app will be installed on your account and available for use. It can be accessed at anytime by heading to Apps > Vouchers.

Creating Offers and Vouchers

There is no limit to the amount of offers that can be created. To create an offer, hover over the "Apps" link and select "Vouchers".
Then, click on the "+" button to add a new offer. 

Provide a name and description of your offer. This is for internal purposes only to make it easier for you to understand the details of each offer. 

Once you have created your offer, you will be taken back to the Vouchers dashboard. The dashboard will display a list of all offers including the number of vouchers remaining vs used. 

To upload your unique codes to the offer, click on the down arrow and select "UPLOAD VOUCHERS". Upload the list of your codes. If your file has multiple columns of data, you will be requested to specify the Column that contains your unique codes.
The file containing your unique codes needs to be saved as a .csv and the first row must contain headers. 

Once all the codes have been uploaded, go back to the dashboard and ensure that the "Vouchers Remaining" number has now increased. Codes must be unique and if any duplicates are detected in your spreadsheet, only one of them will be uploaded. 

Inserting Vouchers/Offers in your email campaign

There are multiple ways to include an offer/voucher in an email campaign sent to users. The method you select will be based on how you will the vouchers will be redeemed by the user. 

Displaying the Code as text:
While editing your email campaign / template, you can use the mail-merge functionality to insert an offer code as plain text. 
To do this, place the cursor at the area that you wish to insert the code and click on the "Mail Merge" button within the text toolbar.

Select "Voucher" as your merge field and select the offer you wish to insert. Once you have selected your offer, ensure that you also select "Code" under the Voucher field. This will then insert a mail-merge tag for the offer code. When your campaign is sent out, this mail merge tag will be replaced with one of the uploaded codes for that specific offer.

Displaying the code as a barcode
While composing your email campaign / template, the platform provides a Barcode block that can be placed within your content. When editing this block, select an offer from one of those that have been previously setup. As well, you can also select the type of barcode (eg: QR, Code39, EIN etc...) based on the scanner available in-store. 

Important Note regarding testing: When sending out a test email, the platform uses a placeholder value rather than an actual live value from your uploaded codes.  This is designed to ensure that codes are not unnecessarily used. If you wish to run a live test, we recommend creating a campaign and sending it out to yourself only. This will then use a live value from the available codes for that offer.

Managing Existing Offers

It is important to keep track of the number of available vouchers within each offer. Once you have exhausted the allocation then, any email campaigns / templates that utilise that offer will fail to go out. For example, if you have an automation sending out an offer to users when their birthday is approaching and we run out of codes to allocate, that automation will no longer be sent out. 

To add additional codes to an existing offer, go into Apps > Vouchers and locate the offer you wish to top-up. Then, click on the down arrow and select Upload Vouchers. Then, upload your csv file containing new codes. 


The platform provides a spreadsheet report that can be downloaded at anytime to view a report. This report contains the following information:
  1. A list of all the uploaded codes for that offer
  2. The date and time that each code was issued.
  3. The details of the user that the code was assigned to.
  4. The method in which the code was assigned (eg: via email, automation, through a form submission auto-responder etc..)
  5. Details of the email campaign that was sent out which included the offer (including the Campaign Folder name and subject line).
The report can be download via Apps > Vouchers and selecting "Download Report" from the list of available options for a specific offer. 

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