Viewing Reports of Automations

Viewing Reports of Automations

Detailed reports of your automations can be viewed from within the platform. This applies to automations that send out email or sms messages as part of the workflow. The reports are grouped by Campaign Folders so, it is important to ensure that during the creation of your automations, you please each in Email/SMS action in its own folder.

The reports themselves are viewed by the Campaigns section of the platform. 

The first thing to identify are which Campaign Folders are being used by the specific automation. To find this out, navigate to the Automations section and edit your automation. You can now edit/view each Email/Send action to identify the folder it is using. 

Each email/sms action can be placed in its own unique campaign folder
or within a folder that contains other campaigns.

From a reporting perspective, it is possible to view a breakdown report of each individual automation execution or collectively as an aggregate (using campaign folders). 
When viewing reports via a folder, the platform will aggregate the statistics of all campaigns that have been placed within that folder.

Due to this, we recommend that only similar campaigns be placed in the same folder. If you have multiple automation workflows that send out different types of emails, you may need to create multiple folders (eg: Birthdays, Re-Engagement, Sign Up Offer, Post Dine Surveys etc...) rather than placing all of them in the one folder.

Viewing Reports

Navigate to the Campaigns section and switch to the Folder View. The layout will be updated to show you a list of all campaign folders. By default, the platform will hide campaigns sent out via an automations workflow. As such, you will need to use the Search 🔎  button to filter by Automated Email/SMS channels. While performing your filter, you can also specify additional criteria (such as only showing sends between a certain date range)

The results will display all folders containing campaigns sent out via automations. 
Clicking on the "Statistics" button associated with a folder will provide you with an aggregate report for all campaigns within that folder. The report will also provide an individual breakdown of each campaign sent out with a link allowing you to view detailed analytics of that specific campaign only. 

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