Managing Tags

Managing Tags

Tags are one of the many ways available to you to help with organising data. One or more tags can be applied to each contact record to provide additional information and an easier way for contacts to be located again by searching for that particular tag. 

Within the platform, all areas that allow for contacts to be added, edited or updated will also provide an option
to specify one or more tags for that record.  

Tags do not need to be pre created - when applying a tag, you can enter any value and if it does not exist,
it will be created on the fly. 

Tags are different to segments - a tag is static and holds a collection of contacts whereas a segment does
not hold a collection of contacts and instead, a segment holds a collection of criteria. As such, tags can be
thought of as being static while segments are dynamic.
Find out more details about the difference between Tags and Segments.

Managing Tags - Create, Edit, Rename and Merge

Tags is just a standard contact field that is automatically available on all accounts. Think of Tags as a multiple choice contact field. 
As such, you can manage your tags via the Contact Fields settings area.

Head into the account settings and select "Contact Fields". Locate the Tags field and click the "Edit" button.

Within the Update Contact Field section, you can view all currently created tags. 
To rename a tag, simply update the name within the list. When renaming a tag, this will also update the name across all modules of the platform (eg: Forms, Automations, Contacts, Reports etc...). 

If you wish to remove/delete a tag, select the "X" button associated with that tag. Deleting a tag will also remove it from all contacts that have the tag applied. As well, all other modules of the platform will be affected (eg: if a form was set to add users into that tag, it will no longer do so). An important note: If a tag is used as part of a criteria block in an automation, we recommend that you first update that automation before deleting the tag.

To merge two or more tags together, select the tags and click the "Merge Selected Options" button. Provide the name of the new tag that all your selected Tags will be merged into. 
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