Email Editor Overview

Email Editor Overview

The Email Editor allows you to quickly and easily create polished emails using a drag and drop method. This style system is so easy to use it makes creating emails scalable for anyone.

The email editor displays the email that you are working on

The pane on the right side of the screen contains Content Blocks and Design Options.

Content Blocks are the elements that make up the layout of your email

Design options are the elements that add styling

To insert a Content Block, locate the block you would like to add into your email

Click on that block and drag it to the location you would like to insert

Release the mouse

Blocks can be edited by clicking into them or hovering your mouse over the block and clicking on the settings icon

You can relocate blocks that have already been placed in the email by hovering your mouse over the element, clicking on the move icon and dragging the element where you would like it to be moved. Blocks can be placed on above, below to the left and right of other blocks.

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