Customer Lifecycle Communication

Customer Lifecycle Communication

Okay, so you’ve put a lot of effort in creating a dataset that is going to pave the way for influential marketing. You have also developed a marketing strategy which identified your marketing goals and mapped out how to achieve them. You’ve plotted everything out on a calendar and now have an idea of your daily tasks. Well done! You’re well and truly on your way.

Let’s elevate your marketing even further by discussing communication for the lifecycle of your customers. The Sprout Automation feature allows you to streamline direct communication to contacts by reaching out to them as they cycle through the various stages of being a customer. Lifecycle automation is favoured in the marketing world because it streamlines workload while delivering interpersonal communication. This method of marketing is incredibly successful as it allows you to speak with your customers one to one.

The best way to identify the automation that would benefit your company is to assess your customers’ lifecycle and your business position. Some key questions to ask are:
  • Do your customers purchase online?
  • Do they purchase in store?
  • How often do they purchase?
  • What is the average purchase transaction?
  • What keeps customers from returning?
  • What makes them loyal?
  • Do you reward your customers?
After you have reviewed what the purchase process is like for your customer, and what your business position is, you should have a clear idea of places where you can communicate with customers to either encourage repeat business or to thank them for their loyalty. The next step is to jot down what these triggers are, what the aim is, and what you would like to send. From here head over to the automation section of your account and start implementing!

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