Contacts Overview

Contacts Overview

The Contacts section is the ideal solution for data consolidation, management and growth. Whether your looking to start a new database, grow an existing one, clean, or revitalise an old one; you will be able to do it all in this one spot..The Contacts section has been designed to be your centralised marketing database and will aid you in whatever it is you're looking to achieve.

You will be able to dictate your data set by creating the fields you need. These fields will allow you to capture any information on prospects and customers that will be useful to you and to your marketing. Additionally, you will be able to search for existing contacts, view, edit and/or delete their information. New contacts can be easily added manually or via the easy to use uploader. If you’re looking to have data from other platforms automatically added to your database, you can also  implement our API. All these methods will compile your data effortlessly and grow your database.

A couple things to note:
  • The Contacts section uses a form of technology called deduplication, which wards against contacts being added to the database more than one time. Deduplication looks at the contacts’ email and/or mobile number. If either one of these pieces of information already exist, the system will not add the contact again. However, it will add any new or updated information to the existing contact.
  • Due to deduplication, the system will only add contacts who have supplied either an email address or a mobile number.

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