Campaigns Overview

Campaigns Overview

The next chapter in marketing campaigns has arrived. The Campaigns section allows you to create a single campaign, in which you can add any number of marketing channels. This revolutionary campaigning allows you to track the various methods of marketing for a particular event. It will gauge the success of the entire campaign as a whole, and provide visibility of how each marketing component performs individually. Thus making it easy for you to reference, report and manage your marketing efforts.

Think of Campaigns as a filing folder in which you can cluster and file your marketing.

For example: Valentine’s Day - let’s say that you’d like to promote business for the holiday over a series of weeks. You would set up a Valentine’s Day campaign and file all marketing pertaining to the holiday within that campaign.
Campaign: Valentine’s Day
  • Email: 1st email to promote Valentine’s Day sent 3 weeks before the holiday
  • Email: 2nd email to promote business for Valentine’s Day sent 1 ½ weeks before the holiday
  • Automation: Send a follow up email 3 days before the holiday to anyone who has clicked a link to book for Valentine’s Day
  • Automation: Send a SMS 1 day before Valentine’s Day  to anyone who has not opened email the emails.

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