Assign Roles

Assign Roles

Assigning Roles allows you to specify various access levels for users of your account.

By default, the platform provides you with 5 core roles:
  1. Account Owner (all privileges)
  2. Administrator
  3. Manager
  4. Read-Only
  5. Standard
You can view the definition of each of these roles by clicking on the View button from within Settings > Roles.

Creating A New Role
To create a new role, go to the Settings page and click the + button and select Add Role.
Specify the name for the new role and provide the definition. We breakdown the role's permissions into 9 categories:
  1. Account Administration
  2. Contacts Management
  3. Overall Communication & Campaign Settings
  4. Email and SMS Marketing
  5. Automation / Workflow management
  6. Reporting access
  7. Creation of apps and setting up third-party integrations
  8. Ability to setup sub-accounts.
Within each of the categories, we also provide fine grain control over the specific items/tasks that the role can perform.

Once a role has been created, it can then be assigned to existing users. It will also be available for selection when creating new users.
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