Add A New User to your Account

Add A New User to your Account

You can invite users to access the account and perform certain functions. Each user can have one or more roles that define the functionality that the new user is able to perform within the account. 

It's important to have defined your roles prior to adding users. This can be achieved by navigating to the Account Settings area and selecting Roles.

To invite a user into the account, click Your Name in the top-left corner of the app and select Settings.

On the Setting page, click on the Add icon (+) and select "Add User".

When inviting a new user, you will be prompted to specify their email address and define their access Role.

On Submission, we will send an invitation email to the user.  Once accepted, the user will be able to create their profile and be provided access to the account.

If the activation email has not been received, you can choose to resend the invitation by selecting the "Resend Invite" from the Actions dropdown within the Users page.

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